Other labradors from our lines also in Search and Rescue are: Layla, Flagstaff Finda (Amvikal McKillops Lad x Flagstaff Fullon) and Rua (Flagstaff Zac x Teak of Auroralights) and Ra, Flagstaff Ra n Black (litter mate to Honi) (Flagstaff Fullon Lady Bic x NZCh Roughfield Rhythm of the Rain at Flagstaff). We wish to congratulate the above dogs on re-qualifying to remain operational in 2011/2012. A huge congrats to Brent and Honi who are now FULLY Operational and Anna, Ra and Rua who are now FULLY Advanced Operational – well done!
To read more about these dogs and their handlers go to http://searchdogs.co.nz/