Sandy of Leanto
Sire: Pablo of Kingsland
Dam: Joy of Playland
Whelped: 14 October 1977



Mac, Lyell’s very first labrador. Mac was a true gentleman. A beautiful nature and lovely made dog.
Lyell and Mac used to disappear for hours on end away shooting rabbits and hunting ducks.
Unfortunatley never left any puppies to carry on his lines.
Mac carries some of the very first Flagstaff lines. Our Kennel name Flagstaff was started by Lyells grandfather Jim Penno, well known in Field trialling.
We will always have special memories of this lovely dog.

Pedigree of “Sandy of Leanto”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Pablo of Kingsland     


Awamoa Joe

 Flagstaff Kim
Bell of Glenross
Delilah of Burrendah Ch Comet of Egmont
Ch Burrendah Cream Cracker


Joy of Playland

Glenquiech Prince Ft Ch Kamahi Flash
Ribbonwood Jeanie
Playgirl Penny Playboy Bo
Pearl of Naught

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