Welcome to Flagstaff Kennel, established 1995.
For as long as I can remember there has always been a dog in my life. When I got married I was lucky that my love of dogs could be expanded and I could participate with my family in many activities with the dogs.
Our love of labradors and golden retrievers has lead us to many places over the country where we participate in any one of our chosen sports.
Lyell, Emma, Michael and I have participated in field trialing with success. However at the moment we are more involved with rough shooting, breed showing, obedience and agility.
Our dogs and ones we have bred have been used as gundogs, show dogs, agility, obedience, search and rescue, NZ Police, pet therapy and happy family pets. We have exported puppies overseas.

We are situated at the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand. Not far from Invercargill, Southland. Close to many rivers and lakes.
We hope you enjoy your visit through our site.

Homepage picture:  Reg, closing weekend duck shooting 2017

There will be no Golden Retriever litters this year, 2017

                                              We are planning two Labrador litters early next year, 2018. Hoping for black, chocolate and yellow in the litters.